Fried Chicken and Sushi 368 By the skin of an apple

It always cracks me up how Japanese people are serious about peeling apples.  They seem so afraid of what might happen if they eat the skin.  I surprise people there when I just take a bite out of an unpeeled apple but no one freaks out on me.  In order to be polite, they're probably freaking out inside of their minds!  I bet they run home and tell their friends "I saw a foreigner eating an apple, without peeling it first!"  You know what else is shocking?  How much fun it is to CLICK HERE AND LIKE THE FRIED CHICKEN AND SUSHI FAN PAGE ON FACEBOOK! 

Fried Chicken and Sushi 205 You might meet a nice girl!

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I hope I don't seem as lonely as Karl with all this social networking love I'm begging for!  It is nice to hear from my fans and interact though.  Even though Karl is isolated enough to talk to a tanuki statue, at least he has some friends that are looking out for him!  Thanks for reading!