Happy Batman Day!

Little prancing Batman ready to fight crime with a flair for the silly!

Little prancing Batman ready to fight crime with a flair for the silly!

Saturday, September 17th 2016, marked Batman Day, a time to commemorate the creation of the Dark Knight and appreciate the cultural impact the character has had on the whole entire world!  Special events were held around the globe and celebrities, artists and big companies joined in. 

Me?  I completely forgot!  

Batman is my favorite superhero and even though life has been pretty busy lately, I squeezed in time to draw the above sketch.  Actually, I didn't draw this one until a few days after Batman Day but it was still fun. 

It's quite pleasurable to take serious characters and add a little silly to them.  Can you imagine how odd it would look to see Batman prancing down the street at night?  He'd probably scare off all the criminals.  Batman's gone crazy!

I used blue pencil for the sketch and then black pen I got from the dollar store in Japan.  It's called a Magic Drawing Pen by Rushon, 0.5 size.  Even though it was cheap, I love inking with it!

Have a great day and do a little prance to commemorate good ol' Batsy!



Fried Chicken and Sushi 253 The Black Samurai Returns

Remember, if you like my comic book art style, read my 200 page graphic novel HERE!  It was fun drawing The Black Samurai again but without hair and in traditional Japanese clothing.  This is how I originally created him so now I feel like we can really get into his adventures.  What will happen if he follows the strange spirit?  Will he be able to free Tanuki?  I hope you're enjoying these comics.  Thanks for reading!

My graphic novel, Tales of Tritoria: YOUNGBLOODS!

Some of you might not know that I actually draw long form comic books too!  My horror/adventure, manga influenced, 200 page graphic novel, Tales of Tritoria: YOUNGBLOODS is up for sale HERE in paperback and digital version for KINDLE.  This is the longest comic I've ever drawn and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!  This comic was written and illustrated by me and I would love it if you gave it a read!  It's different than FC&S and I use an art style that's influenced by American and Japanese comics.  In fact, I wrote the script for YOUNGBLOODS while I was living in Japan!  Here's the synopsis:  

When fourteen year old Jackie’s father and sister are killed by a vampire gang, she must fight her way through the deadly streets of Tritoria city to get to her surviving family. Armed with only her father’s baseball bat, she’s lucky to get help from a mysterious gang called the Youngbloods. Together they must reach the edge of the city before dawn in order to save Tritoria and themselves.
Please purchase it on amazon.com and give me a nice review if you like it!  I appreciate your support.  Thank you!

Check out my new interview!

Hi fans!  Mark Turner from the Oakland area examiner.com interviewed me about Fried Chicken and Sushi, my creative process and the future of the comics industry.  Check it here!  I think it turned out pretty well.  I actually sound like I know what I'm talking about.  Please give it a read! Thank you Mark!