Fried Chicken and Sushi 167 and 168

Ryan learned not to mess with J and cheat codes.  I wonder if J would be ok with using them after beating a game?  You know, just for the fun of it!  I thought of creating the strip with Ryan showing J cheat codes on the internet.  Then, J would hit delete and walk away.  Even though people aren't writing many cheat codes down on paper these days, I felt like this version had more of an impact.  Nothing like crumpling and burning to make a point!

The Emailin' Home strip is my attempt to show you what it was like for me to email my family and friends while in Japan.  I would send these long emails telling stories of things I experienced and learned about.  Everyone seemed to enjoy them (I hope) and it planted the seeds for this Fried Chicken and Sushi webcomic.  To add a little extra interest, I drew the characters in a Chibi style with a huge head and small body.  Did you spot Tanuki and Miki in that last panel?