The ONE reason you're not traveling the world

You are afraid.

I love to travel but I hate how scary it is.  Going to a place you've never been before and you can't even speak the language... 

Not easy!

One of the reasons I draw Fried Chicken and Sushi is to inspire people to get up off of their butts, conquer their fears and take a trip overseas. 

You gotta see what’s really out there! 

Yes.  It can be expensive. I must admit it can also be frustrating dealing with culture shock in a country you’ve never set foot in. 

The surprise gift of it all is being forced to grow as a person.

As you probably know, personal growth ain’t easy!  There can be a ton of laughter and tears but I know you can do it.  Some of you already are.

 When you read my comics each week I want you to feel the reality of living in Japan (aside from the magical Tanuki).  The ups and downs of travel or living in another country can be full of humor and fun with a bit of sadness thrown in for good measure.  All of this helps open your mind and push you to become more tolerant, patient and aware of who you really are. 

One of my goals is to help you see that anyone can leave their comfort zone, travel very far away and still be a success.  Even if they make a pile of mistakes along the way!

If you’re thinking about taking a trip overseas, start making concrete plans and take consistent action to make it happen.  That might mean saving a little money each month, or researching your dream country online.  Take it one step at a time and you will be enjoying mind-boggling experiences on foreign soil before you know it!

Thanks for joining Karl and his family each week on their adventures in Japan. 

Now, go out and create yours!

Best of luck,


FC&S Comics in the newspaper!

I'm proud to announce that Fried Chicken and Sushi comics will be in print!  The new Laugh-O-Gram comic strip only newspaper features FC&S along with many other amazing syndicated comic strips every week.  It's a dream come true to see my comic in a newspaper, especially right above The Family Circus.  Talk about contrast! ;)  The picture below shows that I'm just a little excited about all of this. 

You can subscribe and get four issues a month delivered to your home by subscribing online at

Thanks for being such great fans!  It makes things like this possible.

FC&S Comics moving to Monday updates only (for now?)

Dear my friends and fans,

Money isn’t everything but it sure can help!  My Patreon page is a wonderful way to receive financial support from my true fans.  Many thanks to all of you that are supporting me!  Unfortunately, over the last year, it hasn’t grown as high as I’d hoped it would. 

As much as I hate to admit it, for the little money I’m making drawing FC&S comics, I can’t afford the time to continue posting three times a week.  Therefore, I will be posting one comic strip a week every Monday starting tomorrow.

The strip will still be in color and my plan is to add more panels on a page (5-7 instead of 3-4) so that it’s similar to a Sunday comic.  This way, I can put in more than one gag so you get more laughs, but it doesn’t take much longer to create.  Please leave comments under the comics and let me know what you think about the new format.

I truly appreciate your patronage and I will feel grateful if you choose to supporting my cartooning on PATREON HERE.  If you are already a supporter and would like to raise your monthly pledge or tell friends to become patrons, that would really help!

The Milestone Goals on my Patreon page have changed.  If we can reach them, I can afford to go back to updating two or even three times a week!   

Thank you for being a part of the Fried Chicken and Sushi family and I hope the Monday comic strips will keep you rolling in the aisles with laughter. 

All the best,

Khalid Birdsong  

Visiting the Tallest Tanuki Statues in Japan!

The Land Where Tanuki Statues are Made- Tanuki Mura!

Imagine driving through the mountains,
turning the corner and pulling up to
three of the tallest Tanuki statues you've
ever seen!

That was the awesome, and
pretty hilarious, sight before my eyes
arriving at Tanuki Mura.  It's a magical
place where hundreds of tanuki statues
with different designs and details are
made.  My family was cool enough to go
with me and marvel at all of the happy
Tanuki statues and even make some


Tanuki Mura is in Shiga
prefecture in an area called Koka,
Japan.  It's about a two hour drive north
of Osaka city.  You should check it out! 

If not only to see so many Tanuki in one
place, but to smile and giggle at the
humor of it all.

Yes. I even bought a small Tanuki, even though I have two medium size ones at home.  They say you should look for one with a face that resembles your own.  I didn't find one that really looked like me but, I must say, their selection was incredible!

I was very happy to have gone and it brings a smile to my face every time I think back on it.  Of course, I wore my own Tanuki T-shirt and the employees were, to my delight, very excited to see my FC&S version!  They said it's great that an American is actually using a Tanuki as a character in a comic strip.      

Plan your trip and enjoy the silly fun!  You can find out more about Tanuki Mura online or on their website (mainly in Japanese) here:

Thanks for being a part of my adventure.  Oh, and in case you're wondering, I'm not getting paid to promote Tanuki Mura.  I'm just a Tanuki geek that's excited about such an enjoyable place!

All the best,
Khalid Birdsong

My NaNoWriMo blog comic strip letter to Jeff Smith of BONE

Hi everyone!  I was asked by the good folks at the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) to write a letter to someone that inspired me to create.  I chose the cartoonist, Jeff Smith, of the BONE series of comics.  I met him a few years ago and didn't get a chance to tell him how important his work was to me.  The comic is below and up on their blog now.  You can check it out HERE.  Enjoy!

Little Fried Chicken and Sushi gets an upgrade!

Hiya!  Welcome to the new and improved Fried Chicken and Sushi website!  Thanks to web designer extraordinaire, Kris Black of Black and Hue we have a site that works wonderfully on your desktop and smart phone!  It will be easier to keep up with Karl and his friends wherever you are. 

To morph this comic from the Classic Fried Chicken and Sushi to the new family style, we changed the format of the comics to vertical instead of the standard horizontal of most strips.  It reads better on a phone and, for me personally, will make it easier to compile into book collections later on. 

The Classic FC&S comics are still here.  Just click on the COMICS tab above and you can access all of the archives organized by month and year published.  I also encourage you to SUBSCRIBE TO RECEIVE FC&S COMICS BY EMAIL HERE.  My plan is to, on top of emailing every comic strip to you each week, making an FC&S newsletter that highlights info about Japan and its Pop Culture as well as news for the comic.  I'll send it out once a month and see how you guys respond.  You've gotta join in! 

Thanks for being an old fan or possibly a new one! 

Khalid Birdsong (Comic Chef)

Classic FCS comes to an end

Classic FCS comes to an end

Love is in the air and classic Fried Chicken and Sushi comic strips are at an end.  Many heartfelt thanks go out to my fans that have been reading this comic adventure loosely based on my experiences living in Japan.  It has been a fun five years filled with humor about travel, love, racism and perception. 

Please continue to join me as we follow Little Karl and his family with Little Fried Chicken and Sushi morphing into regular Fried Chicken and Sushi.  There will be more of what you love about my work but seen from the eyes of children and adults.  The new vertical format will give me more freedom to create interesting layouts and add more adventure.  Thanks for your support!



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NEW vertical style Little FC&S comics

NEW vertical style Little FC&S comics

You can see that the Little Fried Chicken and Sushi comics have changed to a vertical format with two panels on top and one or two at the bottom.  This makes them larger and easier to read on cell phones and any other art sites they're put on.  Plus, and this is the one I really like, it makes them easier to transfer to book form when I compile them together.  They will be one comic per page so 200 comics could equal a 200 page graphic novel for kids and adults.  Similar to what Big Nate and Phoebe and Her Unicorn are doing.  There will be more adding in of Japan related themes to the Little strips as they become the main FC&S comic in the next month.  Give me some comments when you can! 

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Sato's Secret Crush?

Did you think Sato sensei had a crush on Karl?

It makes sense doesn’t it?  She works next to him everyday and gets upset with her husband and in-laws all the time!  For her, it must be nice to come to school and work with a nice foreign man…

A foreign BLACK man.  Ooooh!  Exotic!

As you can tell, more open stories are being closed and questions are getting answered in each strip.  We have about one more month of new Fried Chicken and Sushi strips left.  

How will it end?  Please keep reading to find out!

You can show your love for the hard work I put into each comic by CLICKING HERE NOW and donating $1 a month on my PATREON PAGE!

Many thanks,


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How to let it be...

Karl cannot control his laughter in FCS496 because of the music Sato Sensei plays while he's speaking to the class.  You might think this one is from my silly imagination.  I am embarrassed to say, this comic strip is based on truth!

That's right, this one really happened.  The Japanese teacher of English I was working with at the time thought it would be so nice to play the song, Let It Be by the BEATLES, while I talk to the class about vocabulary words for success.  In my head, this sounded a bit cheezy and I was afraid the class would laugh at me.  If we were in the U.S., they definitely would have! But, since we were in a Japanese Middle School, I figured the students would be busy listening for the vocab words they recognized and not even notice the comedy.  Fortunately, I was right!  Unfortunately, I didn't expect to start laughing...

Not only did I laugh, I was the ONLY ONE LAUGHING!  Everyone, even my co-English teacher, could not understand why.  The sad sound of the music together with my attempt at motivational speaking was a hilarious contrast.  To me, at least. Several times I tried to get it together and finish but I just had to end it and apologize.  I was laughing so much, a few tears came out of my eyes. 

I felt bad for ruining the presentation for the students and my co-teacher but I had to think about it as just one humorous screw up.  My co-teacher was upset a little I think, it's hard to tell with Japanese people sometimes, but my cartoonist way of looking at the ...

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We both received the exact same fortune? True story!

In the latest comic, FCS493, Mai and Karl pick the same O-mikuji fortune while at the shrine and are amazed.  This comic is completely based on truth!  My wife and I went to a shrine on New Year's Eve back during our first year of dating, just like in the comic.  We enjoyed it and I was excited to be out doing something so different than my usual way to spend New Year's Eve...watching TV at home. 

I had never heard of O-mikuji before and so I thought it would be fun to see what my fortune would be.  We payed and then they held out a wooden box, with a hole in it and after shaking it, a stick comes out with a number of our fortune to take from the large collection.  It's difficult to remember if it was considered a very good fortune or somewhat good but I do remember how my wife was shocked that our's were the same.  She kept looking at them and comparing to make sure. 

I didn't think this was such a big deal until she showed me that there are many different parts and a lot of information on one little fortune.  It's impossible to get exactly the same one as someone with you.  They have the general fortune that can be a great blessing, small blessing, and go all the way down to a future curse.  Ours must have been good because if it's bad, you usually fold it up and tie it to a tree in the shrine.  We kept ours!  There are predictions about finding love, job, health and success in great detail.  Even a poem!  EVERYTHING ON OURS WAS THE SAME!  She had never seen this happen before in her life.  When I finally understood how amazing this was, I was in shock too!

My wife and I have been together for over twelve years now and still as happy as can be.  That fortune was truly a sign.  I guess our future is really tied together!   

Who needs Christmas when you can have New Year's Eve?

At least, that's how it felt during the holidays in Japan.  Christmas is a fun date night and a cute day to give your kids a gift from Santa.  No religion necessary!  New Year's Eve and the three days after are the most important days for family celebration in Japan.  I have grown into appreciating New Year's as an important holiday but I still get upset that Japan can adopt the commercial side of Christmas just for fun when very few people are actual Christians and could care less about the birth of Jesus. 

During the next month or so, I'll finally be running Fried Chicken and Sushi comic strips based on Christmas and New Year's!  I've avoided it for four years and now is the time for the holidays to arrive in the world of Karl, J, Tanuki and Mai!  Enjoy and I would love to read your comments about experiencing the holidays in Japan in the comments section under the comic.  If you want to give me a nice gift, you can become a patron HERE ON MY PATREON PAGE!  Happy holidays and thanks for being a fan!

The future of Fried Chicken and Sushi

If you weren't able to be a part of my live TWITTER talk sponsored by GoComics, I wanted to let you know about some changes coming up for FC&S.  My plan is to end the regular Fried Chicken and Sushi comic by this coming April of 2015.  I started the comic in April 2010 so that will mark five years.  You will start to see some of the storylines wrapping up and coming to an end in these next few months.  I hope you enjoy them!  It's been great fun to tell stories inspired by the adventures of me and my friends in Japan but it's time to stop and focus on Little Fried Chicken and Sushi. 

As you know, Little FC&S is syndicated by Universal Uclick and updates Mon., Wed. and Friday on this site and also on  After April, I will begin creating Little FC&S five times a week, Monday through Friday, in glorious color and still post updates on this site and of course on GoComics.  The comic is new but it's been doing well online and I want to have more time to explore the world and humor.  Little FC&S is more of a family comic strip and that gives me many places to go with the stories and I can have humor about living in Japan coming from a child and adult's perspective.  Drawing it five days a week will give me more opportunities to have storylines that flow smoothly. 

Thank you to those of you who are supporting me with a little tip every month on my PATREON!  I truly appreciate it.  It is surprising to see that I don't have a lot more fans supporting me there but it's helped me to see that most of my fans are casual readers.  Even with that in mind, I plan to put up FC&S themed merchandise for sale in the coming months.  I hope that some of you will be interested in wearing a shirt or having a product inspired by my comics.  Once the regular FC&S comics are done, I will collect them all (probably over 500 strips) into one big FC&S book collection and put in on sale.  If you are a fan, thank you for reading and enjoying my comics!  I hope that you will be willing and able to support my work in the future by buying merchandise or pledging to my Patreon page.  Let me know what you think in the comments and on Facebook and Twitter.  


I know I've never asked you for money to help me create FC&S comics before but after over four years it's time.  My PATREON page is up at and you can show your fan support each month.  If you're not familiar with PATREON, it's a crowd funding site similar to KICKSTARTER but instead of paying a lump sum at once, you pay a small amount ($1-$5) per month to help online creators make more work.  I would love your patronage and you can receive cool things like the very first FC&S eBook collection of the first two hundred comic strips!  It's only available on PATREON and you get ten extra pages of Making of FC&S sketches!  You can also get FC&S comics a day ahead and Little FC&S comics a day before anyone else online!  PLEASE CLICK HERE AND SHOW YOUR LOVE FOR FRIED CHICKEN AND SUSHI COMICS WITH PATREON.  Thank you!

Little Fried Chicken and Sushi is up on and here!

Now you can read the kid version of this strip, Little Fried Chicken and Sushi right here on this site and syndicated online HERE AT!  I've been waiting to launch the updated website and talk about the new comic for awhile now.  Karl will be in fourth grade at an International School in Osaka trying to fit in but his pet Tanuki makes things challenging.  This new comic will be fun because I can take Tanuki out of the house and he can use his magic to cause trouble for Karl and his friends.  Little FC&S will update with new comics every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in color and regular FC&S strips will still update Tuesday and Thursday.  Five days a week of FC&S comics!  I hope you read them both and please spread the word and let me know what you think!

Fried Chicken and Sushi 426 The silent answer and last comic blog post

Karl should be able to feel her anger through the phone!  The silence says it all!  Speaking of silence, this will be the last blog post for an individual comic strip on this site.  Next week I'll be posting Little Fried Chicken and Sushi strips Monday, Wednesday, Friday in color and regular Fried Chicken and Sushi strips Tuesday and Thursday.  Little Fried Chicken and Sushi will also post on!  That's five days a week of FC&S comics for your reading pleasure!  A lot more work for me too.  So, I'll mainly post in the blog section when I have announcements or special commentary for certain strips.  I hope you're looking forward to more comics!

Fried Chicken and Sushi 425 Caffeine Crashed!

Karl is in big trouble now!  Let's hope Mai will believe that he actually slept through the weekend. 

This Monday May 26th we will have one more comic on this site.  That's right!  Little Fried Chicken and Sushi strips will be running every Monday, Wed. and Fri. right here!  The best part is, Little FC&S is syndicated online and will also run on!  If you haven't been there before, you can read well known comics like Garfield, Pearls Before Swine and Calvin and Hobbes as well as comics from new creators.  This means, I'll be drawing comics five days a week!  Wish me luck and I hope that you read and enjoy as Little Karl adjusts to living in Japan with Little Tanuki! 

MOJO animated short by Everett Downing

A spirit trapped in a cement golem with no memory of who or what he is, Mojo searches for identity with the aid of a runaway street witch named Creepy and her familar, Rat.  That's the premise for my friend, Everett Downing's comic book, MOJO.  He worked together with friends to create an animated vignette introducing the main characters and I'm sure you'll agree it is AWESOME!  When Everett isn't drawing comics, he's storyboarding at Dreamworks animation and posting art on his blog SHFP.TUMBLR.COM.