Little Fried Chicken and Sushi gets an upgrade!

Hiya!  Welcome to the new and improved Fried Chicken and Sushi website!  Thanks to web designer extraordinaire, Kris Black of Black and Hue we have a site that works wonderfully on your desktop and smart phone!  It will be easier to keep up with Karl and his friends wherever you are. 

To morph this comic from the Classic Fried Chicken and Sushi to the new family style, we changed the format of the comics to vertical instead of the standard horizontal of most strips.  It reads better on a phone and, for me personally, will make it easier to compile into book collections later on. 

The Classic FC&S comics are still here.  Just click on the COMICS tab above and you can access all of the archives organized by month and year published.  I also encourage you to SUBSCRIBE TO RECEIVE FC&S COMICS BY EMAIL HERE.  My plan is to, on top of emailing every comic strip to you each week, making an FC&S newsletter that highlights info about Japan and its Pop Culture as well as news for the comic.  I'll send it out once a month and see how you guys respond.  You've gotta join in! 

Thanks for being an old fan or possibly a new one! 

Khalid Birdsong (Comic Chef)