Tales of Tritoria: YOUNGBLOODS

This is the cover for my latest graphic novel, Tales of Tritoria: YOUNGBLOODS.  I'm the writer and artist but it's a very different story than Fried Chicken and Sushi.  It's a vampire action/adventure with a mix of American and Japanese Manga styles.  I actually wrote the script when I was living in Japan and absorbing all the manga I could handle!

Thank you to those of you that purchased it, read it, enjoyed it and spread the word!  This book is over 200 pages and took me over four years to complete from start to finish.  A labor of love that I hope I can convince you to take a chance on and read.  You can BUY IT HERE or just click on the cover art above.  Here's a quick synopsis:

When fourteen year old Jackie’s father and sister are killed by a vampire gang, she must fight her way through the deadly streets of Tritoria city to get to her surviving family. Armed with only her father’s baseball bat, she’s lucky to get help from a mysterious gang called the Youngbloods. Together they must reach the edge of the city before dawn in order to save Tritoria and themselves.