FCS150 Fun Today at Book Away!

Those of you that know the bookstore BOOK OFF in Japan, BOOK AWAY is my version.  I did this comic and the four before this one, while visiting Japan this summer.  I actually went to many used bookstores and bought quite a few manga (that I can't really read).  For me, BOOK OFF had the worst selection of new manga but a lot of old or classic collections.  My local used book store had the best selection of almost new editions of manga.  I loved going there because since they're used, the wrapping is off and you can skim through them.  I liked going to the manga shop to spot the comics I want, then go to the used store and buy them. 

FCS149 Used Manga in Japan?

I hope this comic reflects the excitement I had when I was told about used bookstores in Japan.  So many people buy there manga collections new, read them and then turn around a few days later and sell them to used bookstores!  You really can buy almost new issues for half price.  Of course, then you want to buy more...