Fried Chicken and Sushi 358 Will working late pay off?

Way to go, J!  Let's hope this will help his boss realize that J is not a lazy foreigner.  I'm sure there will be some of you out there that will think that a Japanese person couldn't be as blatantly racist as J's boss.  Think again.  Remember, Japanese people are in the majority in Japan so being careful with how you talk to or about foreigners isn't the same as in other countries.  Of course, J's boss is a special breed of jerk as we can all see.

Fried Chicken and Sushi 348 Livin' in Japan as a black man

I remember feeling as frustrated with Japanese people as J seems to be.  It's easy to think that all people there are racist because of the way they treat foreigners.  One minute, you're treated extra special, the next minute you're treated like an alien from another planet.  Never as an equal.  It's really only because they have very little experience with foreigners and only know what they've seen in movies and heard on TV.  I never felt that Japanese people were trying to make me feel bad or hated me, but they just didn't know much about my culture.  Add to that, the fact that you're in the minority as a non-Japanese, they feel pretty comfortable pointing out differences between you and them.  I guess J calling it racism is one way to look at it, from his experiences as a black man in America, but it's not fueled by hate.  More of a lack of understanding and a curiosity most Japanese people have about foreigners.

Fried Chicken and Sushi 342 Meeting Mr. Fukushima

I'm not exactly sure what Mr. Fukushima meant by that comment but I know it ain't good.  Remember, J almost didn't make it to Japan because "somebody" decided it was better to have Ryan.  I think that somebody is Mr. Fukushima.  I'm not sure why he's so turned off by a black man in Japan but we'll probably find out in the future! 

Fried Chicken and Sushi 316 Should J go dreadless?

Did you notice that J was wearing a tie?  If so, nice job!  It does stand out on him!  I agree that he should keep his dreads and stop worrying about what the office workers in Japan will think.  It can be difficult to believe in yourself when you really want something badly but others judge you by your looks.  Good thing he has Beverly to help him out. 

Fried Chicken and Sushi 303 The Japan Office Weighs in

The office in Japan doesn't think J looks like someone who can work in Japan?  Hmmmm.  Why would they jump to that conclusion without even meeting him?  Not cool.  Of course, whether you like it or not, these kinds of things happen in real life.  Stereotypes and prejudice can really suck!  I wonder what they expected?  Was it his hair?  ;)  Will J just take it or try and fight for his opportunity?  Tune in for the next update to find out!

Fried Chicken and Sushi 275 That white guy again...

J finally comes out with his true feelings instead of walking all around them.  It wasn't fair of him to get upset with Beverly for dating another man, especially when he's not ready to get serious with her.  The fact that he was a white man made J feel even more upset and insecure.  She went out with someone so different than J.  He was pretty afraid that Beverly wouldn't be interested in a black guy.  I know that sounds silly but these kinds of concerns run through your head when you're interested in someone and not sure if they're really into you.  Thanks for all of your comments on the previous comic.  I'm hoping that as fans of FC&S, you're reading my comics for more than just funny observations on Japan.  This comic is and always has been about perception.  How we see and perceive others from different races, cultures and of course, countries.  Every now and then, I have to challenge YOUR perceptions and beliefs.  It can get a little edgy at times but I don't know too many webcartoonists that are doing that.  Thanks for sticking with me and I hope you enjoy where these characters are going!

Fried Chicken and Sushi 245 J's performance review is in

I must admit, I've had this nightmare before myself.  It can be tough to work as one of the few people of color on the job.  Especially, when you have terrible stereotypes about black people out there.  Just as soon as you think people understand a little bit about black people, they do something to make it clear that they don't.  You can really feel the pressure to work super hard and never slack off.  Thank goodness this one was just a dream!  J seems like a hard worker so he shouldn't have anything to worry about.  Or, should he?  Thanks for reading and commenting!  Remember, you can also discuss things in the FORUMS.  I love reading your thoughts and opinions!  Go ahead, start a topic!

A Little Competition Can Hurt Perception

I hope you're starting to see how Fried Chicken and Sushi challenges perceptions of how we see people of different races.  Of course, we're getting used to seeing Karl screw up socially while living in Japan.  Through characters like Miki and Hachiro, we see that even being asian in Japan is not all it's cracked up to be.  Now, we're getting a chance to experience some of J's challenges of being a talented African-American in a predominately white video game company.  It's so easy to pre-judge individuals due to their "look" that we can underestimate their knowledge and ability without even realizing it.  I think it's going to be fun to watch J and Ryan compete for attention while designing the Ninja Super Saga video game.  Let's hope Ryan will give a bit more respect to J.  Many of us out there, no matter what race or ethnicity have been judged unfairly by people that didn't really know or understand us.  Hopefully, we can lighten up enough to have a little laugh at it in comic strip form.  Enjoy!