Fried Chicken and Sushi 266 The office spy knows all!

Another plug to check out my graphic novel YOUNGBLOODS here!  Vampire gangs in the city, action adventure and pretty good art from yours truly.  Check it out!  Ryan needs to back down don't you think?  I guess he would have something to gain from telling on J and Beverly but is it worth it?  He doesn't even know if they're really dating or not!  J is acting confident but I have a feeling he's worried about the boss finding out.  We shall see...

Fried Chicken and Sushi 265 Having fun as friends?

Dropping another reminder to buy my graphic novel YOUNGBLOODS HERE!  I had a lot of fun selling and signing copies of Youngbloods at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco this past weekend.  Thanks to those of you that dropped by my table!  I love APE and look forward to doing it again next year! 

As far as J and Beverly are concerned, I don't know what they're doing?  There's obviously an attraction between the two of them.  We know J recently broke up with his girlfriend but Beverly hasn't said anything about a boyfriend.  Of course, dating a co-worker also has its challenges.  Hang in there to see what they figure out!