Fried Chicken and Sushi 383 Sato sensei's love for natto!

I personally enjoy the taste of natto.  Other people do not enjoy the smell of my breath after eating it though.  Fermented soybeans seems like a strange choice of food for breakfast but they have a lot of protein and other good stuff for your body.  If you work in Japan, I'm sure you can smell your co-workers that eat natto for breakfast.  It's very good for you.  Just a little stinky.  IF YOU'VE NEVER SEEN NATTO THEN CLICK HERE AND WATCH THIS VIDEO.

Fried Chicken and Sushi 206 The E.L.F. Meeting is underway!

If any of you out there are teaching in Japan or have in the past, there should be at least one thing in this comic strip that you can relate to!  I was always surprised at all of the colorful characters that end up teaching there.  It can be a wild experience or even a negative one like Nelly's. ;)

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