Fried Chicken and Sushi 419 Our duet connection and More FC&S comics!

Thank goodness for private Karaoke rooms!  Not only for kissing but for singing terribly with your girlfriend!  

Good news!  Remember when I did the short series of Little Fried Chicken and Sushi comic strips?  Well, they've been picked up by!  Wooohooo!!  I'll be posting new comics of little Karl and his friends there and on this site every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in color starting May 26th.  A few things will change about this website so that you can read two comics with different archives.  You can already go to the homepage and see that it shows promo images of both comics.  I'll post more about all of this during the next month but I hope you're all excited for getting more Fried Chicken and Sushi comics at the end of next month!