Fried Chicken and Sushi 226 I guess they really broke up this time!

Well, I guess that confirms it!  If J "almost" cried then the break up must be real.  Let's hope that he can pick himself up and move on.  To all of my fans that take the time to write comments, thanks for the encouragement and support recently!  It's great to know that you're enjoying this comic and that it has become more than just a typical gag comic strip for you.  I feel blessed, after over two years of drawing this comic, to have several thousand readers from around the world reading every week.  Unfortunately, only a handful of people comment or add to the FORUMS so it's difficult to know what's working for people or what you're enjoying.  Don't be afraid to join in the comments!  There's much more excitement and humor to come so stayed tuned and please tell everyone you know to check it out!  I really want thousands more new FC&S fans to join in the fun!