Fried Chicken and Sushi 186 You must be dating!

I have a feeling that many of my readers out there have never been the only one like them in their workplace.  I know from my experience that's it's a big deal to be the only black employee and if there's actually another black person that starts working there, it's very exciting.  Also, a bit of a relief.  Yes, I have had white employees assume that I'm dating the young black woman at work just because we're young and black.  It's something that you get used to and almost expect it!

I also find it interesting that by giving the new girl, Beverly, large breasts many of you think she's not very smart or devoid of personality.  You know, her breasts aren't even that big!  I know it seems like I'm upset but this is just what I want all of us to be thinking about.  Fried Chicken and Sushi is about perception and how we see things and judge them from our perspective.  Maybe we need to ask more questions and open our minds.  I know I'm still working on that myself.