Alternative Press Expo (APE) convention wrap up!

I had a great time at the APE convention in San Francisco.  Those of you following me on Twitter and Facebook saw more pics and updates while it was going on.  I was representing Fried Chicken and Sushi in a small way by giving away postcards to attract some new fans.  It was fun selling my mini comic The Adventures of Caffeine Baby!  I've been getting positive feedback on it from some of you out there that bought it.  Thanks!  Me and my friend, Dale Wilson, of shared a table with cartoonist Nat Lee of and we had a lot of fun!  We even had our friends from at the table next to us!  Check those guys, and their cool comics! 

I feel like it was a good con but not as busy as last year.  Next year I will be back because I just love all of the independent and off the wall comics I can find there!  It's also fun to see artists that I only get a chance to talk to, in person, there every year.  If you want more pics and FC&S fun you should follow me on Twitter and Facebook at the top of the page!  Thanks guys!