Little FC&S Coming to an end...

After 2 years of online syndication with Universal Uclick my run of Little Fried Chicken and Sushi comics is coming to an end on my website and at  I’ve had a ton of fun creating comics for you about American kids living in Japan and now I have enough strips to make two book collections!  The final Little FC&S comic will post on Monday, May 30th 2016.   

As most of you know, I worked on the original Fried Chicken and Sushi webcomic, about my experiences teaching English in Japan, twice a week for four years.  Little FC&S is the spinoff kid version.  Six years total of FC&S comics has been quite an enjoyable ride but it’s time for me to move on.

I feel thankful to have had the chance to tell stories of living as an expat in Japan and meeting my wife.  Also, showing an African-American family living overseas might inspire others and open their minds to the idea that world travel is possible no matter who you are or where you’re from.  This has been a very personal project and I thank you all for joining me on this journey through the years.

My Patreon page will shut down May 31st and you can subscribe to the email list here on my website at   You’ll get updates and news about new book collections and projects coming out in the near future. 

I have signed with BluTrinity Comics and they will publish two book collections of Little Fried Chicken and Sushi.  The first book, with over 120 strips, will go on sale next month! 

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Thanks again for your friendship and support! 

All the best,