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Fried Chicken and Sushi 355 The battle for modesty

It is true.  Japanese people are very good at putting themselves down.  It's amazing how well they can deny their talents.  It works well on us overconfident foreigners though because we start to feel like Japanese people are not as talented as the rest of the world.  Then, they suddenly do something to show you how amazing they really are!  I'll have to do more comics about this subject in the future.  As for this one, looks like J lost the modesty battle.


Fried Chicken and Sushi 354 Are they shocked I can speak their language?

Japanese people seem shocked when you can speak their language.  They feel like it's incredibly difficult so when a foreigner says even one word to them they feel the need to give compliments on how well the foreigner spoke.  This sounds very polite and can feel good in the beginning.  After you're pretty good with speaking Japanese and have lived there awhile, it can get a bit annoying.  At least, people working retail and service jobs in Japan are forced to treat everyone equally so they'll usually assume you can speak the language well until you show signs of confusion.   


Fried Chicken and Sushi 353 J goes to a Manga shop

It really is exciting to walk into a bookstore in Japan and see so much manga!  There's a lot of good manga in Japan but it can be difficult to find because there's SO much there!  You need to spend ages going through titles to find something that is really a powerful combination of story and art.  I guess this is another disappointing reality that J has to face now that he's in Osaka.  Everything isn't perfect in Japan.  I'm not sure how much Japanese J can read so maybe he's just judging the manga by the artistic storytelling.  Friends would tell me about good manga to read and it would save me time at the bookstores.  Did you have a good experience the first time you went to buy manga in Japan? 


Fried Chicken and Sushi 352 Ryan is proud of the Gay-cen

When someone told me about a Gay-cen for the first time in Japan I actually got pretty upset.  I thought they were making fun of gay people or hating on them.  Especially when it sounds like Gay and Sin are put together.  Shortening the words Game Center make sense to me now but it still feels a little strange to say.  As for how Ryan chooses to spend his evenings, I think J said it all.  Of course, Ryan seems pretty proud of himself so all is good.  Have you been to a game center, or Gay-cen before?  Tell us your story!


Fried Chicken and Sushi 351 Ryan goes out on the town!

I guess going out to an arcade is one way to spend a night out in Osaka.  As long as Ryan is having fun.  He is a lover of video games.  Maybe he loves them too much?